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Who is Leaven Brewing?

We are KJ and Jillian and we make beer! Today is day: 1611

It was pointed out to me the other night that what we're creating is something truly unique, and individual to us. Now, I am the first person to admit that a opening a brewery is not novel, brewing a citra-hopped pale ale is nothing extraordinary (although it is very delicious), and our concrete bar tops are nothing you haven't seen before.

However, the makeup of who is behind Leaven Brewing is what makes this place, our place (soon to be your place) a really neat, individual, independent of other projects kind of place.

KJ has brewing experience that is unlike most others. Not to say it's better in any way - but it is different. KJ started at Fort Myers Brewing Co. and learned the process from Rob, the owner there. KJ quickly became the head brewer of Fort Myers, which went on to receive respectable awards at Best Florida Beer, and collect accolades on RateBeer.

After FMB, KJ became the senior brewer at Brew Hub, ultimately helping other local brands to grow their beers. Brewhub, unlike FMB, was a 100bbl system (#nbd) and produced roughly around 98,000 barrels of beer a year.

KJ is a brewer, who's learned under some super unique circumstances, but he's also now the owner of a brewery. A brewery that was built with his own hands, beer recipes written by him and brewed by him. At Leaven Brewing you are experiencing the absolute heart and soul of everything KJ has ever worked for. We are a husband and wife team who has taken everything we've had (and all of our sleep) to build a place where people can connect while drinking some dang delicious stuff. We grew this. No frills, no venture capitalists, no investment group, just us and our long list of friends that we are absolutely the most grateful for.


We are Leaven Brewing.

(and we're super excited to meet you)


Here's where we make the beer! Come on in and try a sip!

Meet Brewhouse Mc Brewface, a big hunk of 304 stainless steel construction with glass manways, American made Baldor SS washdown pumps, and an available production of 5bbls. He likes long rinse cycles of brewer's no. 5 and can't resist a good caustic cycle. Most brewhouses his size don't come with automatic rakes and plows, but Brewhouse McBrewface does.

Brewhouse McBrewface

So come on in and join us for a pint! You can find us right in the heart of Riverview at:

11238 Boyette Rd, Riverview, FL 33569

Brewery Hours:

  • Monday - Thursday 3:00 - 10:00 PM
  • Friday & Saturday 12:00 PM - Midnight
  • Sunday 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Our Beer

We make beer we like to drink, but don't worry... We'll make beer you like to drink too.

We make beer we like to drink, but don't worry... We'll make beer you like to drink too. We always thought it was a fun process brewing new beers, trading different styles in and out to create a set of flagships. The goal here at Leaven is to become a neighborhood brewery with a hyper-local mindset. We're here to make beer for you, Riverview! Join us at the bar, tell us the styles you like. Let's start a great conversation about beer and figure out our core beers together.

We aim to have 5 flagships which will be on at all times, and 5 rotational beers that will lend themselves to a more seasonal flair.

What's on Tap, RIGHT NOW?

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Kolsch - 4.4% ABV

Karl would take a sip of KJ’s Kölsch and say: “Is good KJ, is good.” So, we stole the name from him. Brisk carbonation, a light malt sweetness, alongside traditional German hops.


IPA - 7.7% ABV

Who’s a g’boy? Bailey was. This tribute to a family companion sings his praises. Take your tastebuds for a walk with Citra, Amarillo and Mosaic hops.


Irish Style Red Ale - 6.7% ABV

… And the cheers were heard throughout the city that day, The Red was back on! This robust blend of pilsner, caramel and roast malts is our hero. A single bugle plays when it taps.


Oatmeal Stout - 5.5% ABV

This may be our Greatest Of All Time Stout. Delicious goodness, in a wholesome way. Nourish your soul morning to night with this healthy breakfast … err, uh .. beer. Quaker Goats - enjoy a hassle free beer!


Porter - 5.2% ABV

Life is easier, so much easier now that Ray remembered his son-in-law is a brewer. Mr. Pleasant Porter is the result of Dad complaining that he couldn’t find any good porters on the shelves. As long as Mr. Pleasant’s all right with this medium bodied, low gravity, and restrained roastiness, then the whole wide world is on his side, hey … hey.


Berliner Weisse - 4.3% ABV

Over 1000LBS of fresh raspberries go into this bad boy right here. This is our first berliner we've ever had here at Leaven. You requested it, we listened. #yourewelcome


Hard Seltzer - 5.0% ABV

Our very own hard seltzer. It comes in a variety of flavors. Come on in and see if you can guess which one we have on this time!


Hefeweizen - 4.6% ABV

Moderate clove and banana flavor with a wheat aroma. This beer, whether enjoyed in a pair of velvet pajamas or work boots will be a happy start to the end of your work day. Cheers pals, may this true to style beer treat you well.


Dunkel - 5.6% ABV

Medium-bodied, soft but rich flavor of dark Munich malts. Hints of chocolate and toffee aroma.


APA - 5.5% ABV

Nothing more classic than this American Pale Ale. This Cascade hopped APA is a tribute to the classic pale ales that help launch craft beer in America.



Jillian's BFF is getting married so of course we made them a beer! Join us in celebrating with this American Wheat Ale with fresh orange zest.



A WAGON FULL of Azacca, Cashmere, El Dorado, and Sabro were used in this double-dry-hopped, double-IPA. Smooth with bold tropical fruit and citrus notes.

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